Greenham and Crookham Commons Management Plan 2009-2014: Access management

Where improvements to access and related facilities are required they should be in keeping with the landscape and aesthetics, recognisable and consistent. The main purpose of access onto the common is for quiet recreation and the enjoyment of wildlife.

Aug 2009: 5C boardwalk construction   Apr 2013: 1D footpath maintenance   Sep 2007: 6A footpath clearance   Jun 2012: 5D boardwalk repairs

A detailed audit of the provision of physical and intellectual access on Greenham & Crookham Commons was undertaken in 2014, the main focus of which was as follows:

The mapping and assessment work in particular, coupled with feedback from stakeholders and information from the concurrent visitor survey will help inform decisions on access maintenance on the Common.

Plans, subject to the final outcome of the access audit, are as follows: