Greenham and Crookham Commons Management Plan 2009-2014: Appendices, documents and links

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    * = also referenced in Appendix 5, Surveys and monitoring

Legislation and governance

Greenham and Crookham Commons Act 2002 (

Definitive map at 1:7,500 scale for the 2002 Act (6.4 MB)

Greenham and Crookham Commons Commission

Management agreement

Business plan for the management of West Berkshire reserves and commons (WBC, BBOWT 2013)

Conservation (SSSI documentation)

SSSI citation (English Nature 1994)

Definitions of Favourable Condition for designated features of interest (Natural England 2013)

Map of SSSI units referred to in Annex 2 to the Definitions of Favourable Condition (Natural England 2014)

Map of SSSI and HLS coverage (Natural England 2014) (Includes some areas not on G & C Commons)

Unit 1 Airbase and Unit 2 Crookham Common Condition Assessment (Natural England 2012) *

Conservation (habitats, species and management)

Greenham and Crookham Conservation Volunteers

The geology of the area around Greenham Common (Berkshire RIGS Group)

Greenham Data Collection Project (Peak Ecology 2009) *

Condition Monitoring Guidance (NatureBureau 2013) *

Grassland and Heathland Monitoring Framework Methodology (NatureBureau 2013) *

Ragwort position statement (BBOWT 2013)

Reptile survey 2010 (d'Ayala, Burdock & Burdock 2010)

Report for Reptiles 2012 (d'Ayala 2012) *

Ground-nesting birds survey of Greenham and Crookham Commons and Bowdown Woods (Hickman 2010) *

Common Bird Census (Cleere 2009) *

Beetles Survey for Greenham and Crookham Commons (Garvey 2011) *

Bryophyte and Lichen Site Dossier (NatureBureau 2009) *

Project outline for the possible reintroduction of the silver studded blue butterfly (Hickman 2009) *

Small Blue Habitat Management (Hickman 2009) *

Small Blue Project (Garvey 2009) *

2007-08 gorse and heather coverage map for compartments 9 to 12

Gorse management overview and plan (WBC 2012)

Bird Ringing Report 2011 (Legg 2012)

Nest box report 2012 (Newbury Ringing Group 2012)

Annual knawel Scleranthus annuus at Greenham Common (Natural England 2014)

Previous Management Plan (Environmental Project Consulting Group 2000)

Conservation (local area)

Berkshire Heathland Biodiversity Action Plan 1999 - 2005 (Berkshire Heathland Project 1998)

West Berkshire Living Landscape (BBOWT website)

What we are doing to protect heathland (BBOWT website)

Conservation (general)

Lowland Heathland (English Nature 2002)

Higher Level Stewardship (Natural England website)

Small blue Species Action Plan (Butterfly Conservation 2000)

Chalara dieback of ash (Forestry Commission website)

Ragwort Review of Evidence (FERA 2013)

Access and visitor information

Access Audit for Greenham and Crookham Common (BBOWT 2015)

Greenham and Crookham Commons (BBOWT reserve information page)

Greenham Common leaflet including colour-coded walk routes (WBC, undated)

Ground nesting birds leaflet including map of green and red zones for dog walkers (WBC 2012)

Collecting fungi, flowers and fruits on BBOWT reserves (BBOWT 2012)

West Berks Living Landscape Circular Walk Nr 1 (BBOWT, undated)


Historical Environment Survey and Management Plan (HEMP) (Berkshire Archaeological Services 2011)

HEMP list of features (Berkshire Archaeological Services 2011)

HEMP appendices and illustrations (Berkshire Archaeological Services 2011) 109 MB

Greenham Walkover Survey (WBC 2016)

Martindale Pound Walkover Survey (WBC 2016)

Greenham: a common inheritance (West Berkshire Museum)

Greenham and Crookham Common: A Timeline (WBC 2008)

Not available online